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I attended my first ever Potfest earlier this month at Shaftesbury and what an absolutely  wonderful event it was! 

Lovely fellow potters and equally lovely visitors with lots of interesting chats and, I'm pleased to say, quite a few of my pieces found new homes.  Thank you to everybody who took the time to say 'hi'.


Another Potfest, this time in Melton Mowbray in November.   After a quiet week to recover from all the excitement, I'm starting to think about some new pieces.   Watch this space...

Enjoy the rest of July! 



Meanwhile, my biggest Blob ever did not make the grade and didn't come with me to Shaftesbury as it popped out of the kiln with a crack on it's side.  Unfortunately, despite the bottom half being fine, it wasn't possible to save it as the rim became  distorted and wouldn't balance correctly.  I confess there was wine that night.  I will try again but not just yet.  It may be a case of renting a kiln space next time so I don't have to fire it in two halves. We live and learn. Meanwhile, she is standing guard by the brambles and hopefully being of some comfort to our hedgehog! 



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